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November 24, 2012:Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! I made a new layout for the site, and I will try my best to make a Christmas theme today!
September 26, 2012: New updated layout! Halloween themes are coming!
September 26, 2012:New Halloween theme! xoxo
September 29, 2012:Brooke has joined the team! She is a sweetheart and her themes are always amazing! ♥


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opened june 7, 2012.
site owned by amanda, natalie, jess & brooke.

Hey guys, Amanda here! I’ve been working on my new site and I should have in open probably within the next few days- so keep checking! I love Serendipity and I have absolutely no regrets opening it because it has been so much fun and I LOVE my co-owners, but I’m busy in college now and I wanted to open my own site that I will be able to work on once in a while, in my free time. I probably will update Serendipity every now and then as well when I’m not busy- we will see! I have been working on some new themes for my site, as well as other things so I’d love for you to check it out soon! I’ve put a lot of effort into everything I have been working on and I’m hoping you guys will enjoy it!! :)

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Heart On Sleeve


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hey loves, its brooke @paradisc0. 

i just wanted to say that im no longer going to be apart of the site. i have been too busy lately and i dont want to be apart of something that i am unable to contribute to at the moment. the couple themes i did make will remain on the site if you guys want, other than that, im thankful for letting these oh so talented ladies let me be apart of the site for the time being. and thank you guys for using my themes! 

stay beautiful ♥

November 24, 2012 ♥ 0 notes ♥ Reblog Post
Anonymous: im confused as to how you actually set the theme... PLEASE ANSWER!!! i absolutley love your themes though (:

you copy the code and delete your current code and paste our code.

November 10 2012 ♥ 1 year ago
Anonymous: Hey guys! Would you guys be able to make a chrismas/winter theme asap! :) im just too excited!

Yep! (:

November 7 2012 ♥ 1 year ago
Anonymous: Christmas themes please?!

There will be soon. (:

November 7 2012 ♥ 1 year ago
Anonymous: Sorry this is anon but I'm not logged in because this is my tumblr app, but Christmas themes? You have the only themes I use!

awe! we have tons of requests! we will get right on it! xo ♥

November 6 2012 ♥ 1 year ago
Anonymous: barbiegirlthemes is jocking some of your resources x

they arent just jocking us, they are jocking bandeauu’s base codings. what a shame.

November 6 2012 ♥ 1 year ago
falsettothemes-deactivated20130: Hi :) I just want you to know that I love serendipity & I added you to my favorite sites :)

awe! thats so sweet! thank you so much ♥

November 6 2012 ♥ 1 year ago
roamable: can you make a network theme?

maybe. (:

October 29 2012 ♥ 1 year ago
Anonymous: would you be able to make winter/christmas themes when halloween ends? :)

of course!

October 27 2012 ♥ 1 year ago
Candy Kisses

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October 22, 2012 ♥ 8 notes ♥ Reblog Post
flawlesslittlekisses: I am using your theme out of ordinary and I absolutely love it!

Thank you so much! ♥

October 22 2012 ♥ 1 year ago
barbiecharm: i'm using one of your themes. and I just wanted to say that I love your themes xxxx

Thank you doll! ♥

October 22 2012 ♥ 1 year ago